Devils Finish Week Strong, Minus a Few

The holidays seem to be reaching earlier and earlier in the year.  In fact, I was so busy that I didn’t get to see a single minute of hockey from Friday or Saturday’s game.  Sick, I know.

Nevertheless, even without my persistent cheering/criticizing through my television, the Devils still managed to win.  Go figure.  In fact, they are doing so well, they have just past the Rangers for second place in the division, fourth in the conference.

On a side note, the Devils actually sit third in the conference if you ignore the whole seating arrangement of each division leader sits first, second, and third.

On another side note, the Devils are in some tough company.  Following the rules of my first side note, Atlantic Division teams sit first, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh.

Anywho, so with all of this wonderful play, including a five game winning streak, a perfect record on the road, and even our backup netminder stepping up to win in those back-to-back matchup’s, the Devils seem to really be on a roll.


Oh yeah, and they’ve also been dropping like flies.

Bryce Salvador, who has been trying to injure himself the past few games, finally succeeded on Saturday night "tweaking" his right ankle once again, this time enough to make him sit out for the remainder of the game.  He’s claiming he will be able to play on Wednesday.

Patrik Elias, who came on board for Friday night’s home victory, did not travel with the team on Saturday night.  He should be on the ice for Wednesday night, however.

Paul Martin (fractured left forearm) and Johnny Oduya (lower body injury) will be out for a while, no new news on them.

Devils will be returning home on Wednesday for a game against the Ducks, and then will also make a quick trip to Pittsburgh to play the conference leading Penguins the following night.  Expect a Broduer/Danni matchup like the past week.

Moving Day for

In an effort to continue with the updating of and it’s sibling sites, I wanted to post a quick update as to my status and give you some good news.

First, our hosting provider has moved us to a new, faster, more stable server.  To be honest, our current hosting provider has been better and more reliable than any other hosting provider we’ve ever been on since 2002.  And the fact that they felt the need to move us to something better makes me a very happy customer.

Second, we are a stones throw away from finalizing our Game Day Box Score editor, to help us make all of those wonderful updates I’ve been promising you.  I’m anticipating it to reach completion sometime at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  Once that has reached completion, it will take me a few days to get this year up to date, and then finalize last year’s box scores – 90% of the data for last year is already in.

Once all of that is done, I will continue to work on what I had discussed previously,

  • Upload all missing photos for every game.
  • Begin working on videos for this season.  I’ll work on last seasons soon.
  • Finish up Members Area and re-create the mailing lists.
  • Work on Members Area of the News Center.