Devils Take out Tampa, Tortorella

Perhaps it took them longer than it should, but the Devils were able to finally eliminate the Tampa Bay Lightning and move on to Round 2.

The Devils must remain cautious as they progress in the playoffs. Tampa Bay showed us that the Devils and their last line of defense, Martin Brodeur, can be beat. But after games 2 and 3, the Devils defense and skillful goaltending by Brodeur stopped Tampa Bay and gave the Devils offense a chance to win the game.

The swells of the game, the offensive pressure applied by one team, seem to sway much easier when a team becomes desperate, but even with consistent pressure from Tampa for the last half of the third period of game 6 couldn’t penetrate the goal line.

But you cannot deny the fact that Tampa had some pretty decisive games where they pretty much eliminated the Devils in the first period. They were not able to get many offensive chances, let alone complete a pass. Tampa Bay shut down the Devils and did it early in games 2 and 3.

It could certainly be an emotional thing, and the Devils are certainly feeling really good about themselves right about now. But as history has shown us, even after a four game sweep of an opponent, you are still vulnerable in the next round. Nothing can be taken for granted.

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