In the Stands: April 28 versus the Ottawa Senators

Finally the Devils have their first sellout of the hockey year, and the place was loud! So from section 235, row 9, seat 3, here are some observations from in the stands:

Jamie Langenbrunner didn’t have the best of nights, and the fans made sure he was well aware of their displeasure. Especially a kind old man sitting in the next section over which fans close by started to worry if he should be medicated. Thankfully Langenburnner regrouped to score the OT winning goal and redeemed himself of a bad night.

Game attendees, when you hear the whistling that typically ends in “Lets Go Devs” (or some other one syllable team name), the appropriate response is “Rangers Suck.” This will happen at least 5 or 6 times a game and is perfectly normal, even when playing against teams other than the Rangers. Don’t ask why we do this, although the reasons should be obvious. No matter what, I always sit next to people confused by this tradition.

Waving towels in playoff games is fine, but please be aware people are sitting in front of and behind you (unless you have really good or really bad seats) and can be hit if you don’t wave your towel directly above you.

The Devils need to learn to continue fighting throughout the entire game, and a two goal lead does not mean you can now lock down and play defense for the remainder of the game. Especially when you have 40 minutes left to play!

And to all opposing team fans: the fact that you want to watch your team in our venue is fine. Really, I have no problem you giving my team money through ticket sales. But don’t act like an idiot because you know you’ll get a reaction out of the home team fans. Really, that’s what Flyers fans do – and do you want to be like Flyers fans? I didn’t think so.

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