Taking Four Steps Backwards

On Thursday night I had the pleasure to go to see the Devils open up the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Although Devils Captain Patrik Elias was out with the sniffles, defenseman and the regular physical player the Devils typically have Colin White returned from injury.

In addition, David Clarkson entered the lineup to replace Elias and John Oduya sat out to make room for White.

So after about 10 minutes, fans sat in horror as the Devils slowly but steadily dug a hole so deep lava started pouring out. Yes I said it, now let’s move on.

Okay, one more and I’ll stop. To come back in the game, the Devils would have to perform some magic so good, it would be like pulling a Volkswagen Rabbit from their hats.

Moving on, after a debacle of a first period, the Devils slowly but steadily came back, scoring four goals in the next two periods. Unfortunately, Mike Rupp took a penalty in the beginning of the third and Ottawa scored to give them the 5-4 win.

Everything broke down for the Devils in the first period. Defense, goaltending, and offense didn’t exist. Like games 2 and 3 of the last round, the Devils just weren’t playing coherent hockey.

Thankfully the game wasn’t a complete blowout and the Devils made a dent into Ottawa, setting a tone that they will not be a pushover in this series.

Game two on Saturday will be played at 8:00 on Versus.

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