Devils Suffer from PPD: Puck Possession Dysfunction

Game 3 for the Devils proved that they can hold off Ottawa’s attack for sustained periods of time and still keep things tied. After all, the Devils favorite method of offense is to “Wait for them to make a mistake, and then capitalize on it.”

Unfortunately, that method doesn’t factor in if the other team doesn’t make a mistake.

Ottawa made some mistakes but the fact is the Devils need more offensive ability, which they had none, in Game 3. In fact the biggest concern the Devils had in the past couple of games, yes even the one in which they’ve one, is that they suffer from terrible PPD, or Puck Possession Dysfunction. In laymen’s terms, they don’t have any.

Fact: dump and run only works if you can recover the puck in the offensive zone and make some type of scoring chance.

Well, as you can tell, even in the Devils win in Game 2, the Devils were limited to 4 shots on goal in both the second and the third period. Without these scoring opportunities, the Devils are going to have a tough time getting past Ottawa and, if they make it past and get to play against Buffalo (I don’t mention the Rangers because I am more confident about the Devils ability to shut the Rangers out and pierce their defense), they are going to seriously need to work on this offensive strategy which they have been molding for years.

On one final note, when on the Power Play, if you have the option to shoot the puck or pass to a teammate across the ice, unless half of the opposing team is disabled on the opposite end of the ice, shoot. Please. At least do it for the children.

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