Rangers snatch Gomez, Rafalski signs with Red Wings

About two minutes after the free agent market opened, the Rangers snatched Scott Gomez. Now the “EGG” line, the team’s top line, has been split up.

The Rangers pulled this before not too long ago. Bobby Holik went from playing for the Devils to playing for the Rangers. Granted, he is playing for Atlanta now. Since the season ended for the Devils in the beginning of May, Gomez has been toying with the idea of playing for another team. He spoke to his fellow teammates along with old teammates, such as Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermayer, and Bobby Holik. Who do you think helped Gomez make this decision? However, you can’t just look at that. I just learned the the Rangers offered Gomez a 7 year, $51.5 million contract. I don’t think I can really blame Gomez for leaving. Last year, the Devils and Gomez could not agree to a contract, so they went into arbitration. If the Devils had offered Gomez a multi-year contract, they could have avoided arbitration. Even though I am not sure what the Devils offered Gomez this year, I highly doubt that he was offered a multi-year contract.

Not too much later, the Detriot Red Wings signed defenseman Brian Rafalski for a 5 year, $30 million contract.

The Devils have lost two of their top players in a matter of 11 hours. They also have not resigned too many players or acquired any new players through free agency.

The Devils need to step up and resign their top guys and try to acquire new guys from the NHL. They will be playing the New York Rangers 8 times this season and it will be difficult to win against them. There is a very high possibility that Gomez will be playing on the same line as Jagr. If the Devils don’t start preparing their team for the upcoming season, they are not going to have a good year. I’m afraid to see who else leaves the team.

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  1. I was disappointed that we didnt resign gomez, but then I guess Lou doesnt want to give up to 10 million a year type of contract. I cannot believe that we dont have Rafalski since he is our best offensive defenseman, but if Lou can get Sheldon Souray, then I think we can be better….Any chance we could steal Avery away from Rangers?

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