Toronto Takes Clemmensen, Souray Rumored to be Signed

As posted on Thursday, the Devils signed backup netminder Kevin Weekes to sit on the bench and watch Martin Brodeur play 78 of 82 games next season.

There was some speculation as to the status of Scott Clemmensen and whether or not he would continue to be enlisted in the Devils organization; Scott’s contract expired and he was a Group 3 Free Agent. The Star Ledger reported on Friday that the Devils did offer a spot to Clemmensen but it would most likely be in Lowell – the Devils minor league affiliate.

Well, it should be no surprise that Scott looked elsewhere and has found a new home up in Toronto. Late Friday night it was reported that Scott Clemmensen had been signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Terms of the deal have not been released.

There are also some late rumblings that Sheldon Souray has been signed by Devils GM Lou Lamoriello, but nothing official has been posted.

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