Devils Leave West On Top

So perhaps my previous posting was a bit harsh. It was late, I stayed up to see what the Devils could do against the Western Canadian teams, and they fell flat to the Canucks.

But since then they ended their tour with two wins, and are currently 7 and 4.

By far their worst week was the week of December 9th when they lost to the Rangers, the Capitals, and Coyotes.

But overall they’ve had a relatively successful month and sit ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Atlantic Division second place team, by 5 points. They also sit in second place in the Eastern Conference, 2 points ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Devils key to success so far? Prior to the return of Colin White and Jamie Langenbrunner (November 12), the Devils had a record of 7 and 10. Since they have both returned (November 21), the Devils have a record of 12 and 4.

The Devils have received a nice Christmas gift in the meantime, heading off on their holiday break with a 20-13-3 record and a decent lead in their division.

I would also like to personally wish all of the visitors to and At the Red Line a happy holidays and wonderful Christmas. We’ll be off for a few days but should return when the Devils come back on December 28.

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