Cam Canned, Lou Makes One Deal

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello made one final deal before the trade deadline ended on Tuesday, February 26 at 3:00; it was truly only a gain for New Jersey. Cam Janssen was traded to the St. Louis Blues for defenseman Bryce Salvador.

Cam Janssen, who never saw ice time once during the regular season, was injured in fight during the pre-season. When he became healthy a few months ago, Cam never found a spot on the roster.

The reason being may lie in the fact that the role of enforcer was taken by rookie David Clarkson. But Clarkson has one facet to his game that Janssen never had: offense.

Yes, Janssen had one goal scored last season, but so far this season Clarkson has made 7 goals, 12 assists, and not the most ice time available to achieve these points. He also has sat in the penalty box for a total of 153 minutes.

In essence, Devils coach Brent Sutter had no reason to remove a forward who is making offensive chances and replace them with a forward who doesn’t have offensive experience.

Playing Devils Advocate for a minute, Cam Janssen didn’t have much of an opportunity to play under Sutter’s new style of play. Maybe given the opportunity he could have scored more and racked up a fair amount of points, but from the previous history and in their minor league careers, David Clarkson showed more offensive talent and promise, in addition to his hits and physical style of play.

Bryce Salvador, the Devils acquisition, will most likely see his first game on Friday, February 29 against the Washington Capitals.

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