Battle of the Division continues Friday night

Tonight the Devils will face off against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Prudential for yet another Atlantic Division showdown.

The Devils now find themselves in a 5 game losing streak and what appears to be almost a complete collapse of their offensive ability. The Devils need to score at least 3 goals to win a game. This season, the Devils have won 35 times when they score 3 or more goals. When they have scored two or less, they have won only 7.

Patrik Elias was the original target for the blame when he sat out for a few games, and the Devils lost three straight. However since his return, he’s been able to score, but the team as a whole continue to struggle.

On Thursday night the Devils did have the lead against the Rangers, but a fluke goal gave the Rangers a 3 – 2 lead and the ultimate victory. The loss marked the seventh time the Devils lost to the Rangers this season.

Against the Philadelphia Flyers, The Devils have won all but one matchup in the five games they’ve played. The wins have been for the most part decisive, with the Devils having leads like 7-3, 6-2, and 4-1.

The Devils were extremely frustrated after Thursday night’s defeat. Hopefully that defeat will not cause the Devils to play worse tonight against the Flyers. quoted captain Jamie Langenbrunner saying, “We can’t afford to lose games like this at this time of year. It’s extremely frustrating for us, a team that prides itself on being able to finish games.”

Philadelphia is currently fighting its way to stay in the top 8 of the Eastern Conference, as the Washington Capitals sit only 2 points behind them. The Flyers are also right behind the Boston Bruins who also have 88 points, but more points when playing against the Flyers, giving them the tiebreaker advantage.

New Jersey last lost six games in November of 2000, the year the Devils made it to the Stanley Cup Finals but lost to the Colorado Avalanch.

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