Devils Take Early Exit

I will be posting a more complete post-game report and reaction on Saturday, but I just wanted to quickly post that I am very disappointed to see the Devils out of the playoffs so early.

I cannot blame any one player, and I have to admit that in the pit of my stomach, I secretly knew this day was coming. The Devils just could not compete against the Rangers during the entire season, and although the Playoffs are completely different, the talent and ability of the Devils that played during the regular season was the same that was out for the playoffs.

Although I will include this in the complete post later, I would like to thank the Devils for a competitive and exciting season. And as always, Lets Go Devils.

6 thoughts on “Devils Take Early Exit”

  1. I would like to say that the devils have had a great season but they sort of died when they reached the playoffs. We had hope that we could tie it 2-2 but we failed.
    We cant blame anyone of the devils for what happened but I hope we will come back stronger and faster next year to win the stanley cup.
    as always GO DEVILS

  2. I honestly trhought we played some of the best games against the Rangers during the playoffs as compared to the Regular season, but they always had that one step ahead of us. I will say that we didn’t play well during the third period in any of the 5 games.

  3. well it always comes down to the 3th period in each game. If u play solid in the 1st and 3th u will most likely win the game.
    Dont get me wrong I dont say that the devils sucked in the playoffs but I know that they could do better.
    Now Im looking forward to the next season and lets hope we go all the way.

  4. well i dont blame the devils either but me and my mom are die hard fans and my mom claims to know Don Von Massenhoven as a friend for a while now. we are both disapointed that the devils lost but i had a feeling in my stomach they would lose. but its ok i know they will get it together and do better next season i have faith in them and always will. After all a fan sticks with their team no matter what right? GO DEVILS!!!!!

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