Rock Your Red: Game 3 Tonight!

It’s easier said than done, but there is a very important factor in winning tonight’s matchup against the New York Rangers: score goals.

The Devils need to put the puck past Ranger netminder Henrik Lundqvist. During the regular season, the Devils were only able to score 10 goals, while the Rangers managed to score nearly double at 19. So far in the playoffs, that trend has continued, with the Rangers scoring 6 goals and the Devils, 2.

You could count up the go-ahead goal for the Rangers in each of the last two games a fluke. While that may be true, it doesn’t diminish the fact that, bad breaks aside, they must play to win tonight.

Don’t look at previous years for guidance on how the series will end. The Rangers have history on their side where they’ve never lost a series after winning the first to games, but the Devils have won before when losing the first two games. Simply put, anything is possible.

With the things that have gone wrong in Game 1 and in Game 2, the Devils can only do one thing, let that frustration and anger turn in to aggression and perseverance to turn this series around. The Devils have probably played their best two games against the Rangers than at any time during the regular season. They must continue to come out strong and tough. They must continue to hit. They must continue to make great defensive plays when the Rangers have the puck in deep. They must continue to make great saves. And they must continue to fight.

As always, Lets Go Devils!

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