Old Faces to Dawn the Red, White and Black Again

There hasn’t been much new news on the Devils front – aside from njdevils.info launching their newest addition to the network, DevilSphere…

So instead we’ll going to switch gears and report on some old news.

The Devils signed some former Devils back on to the team. That’s right; Bobby Holik and Brian Rolston will be dawning the red, white, and black once again for the New Jersey Devils. The Devils will be fighting for the cup like its 1999!

Brian Rolston is coming back from seven years outside the organization. He had stints with the Colorado, Boston, and Minnesota. Bobby Holik is coming back from a 10 year hiatus from New Jersey and has had experience with the *cough* Rangers as well as the Atlanta Thrashers.

On a side note, you may remember criticizing Holik for jumping the Hudson for more money and a bigger contract. Some of us are going to have to put that behind us now…

In any case, it’s very obvious we know what’s going on here. Sure you can claim they are trying to sure up their special teams, and they need to get more solid players on the ice. But when push comes to shove, it boils down to this: the Devils are trying to reclaim the veteran leadership they’ve been lacking.

I will continue to dwell on this, so please just bear with me. It started with the retirement of Ken Daneyko. It continued on with the injury and eventual retirement of Scott Stevens. And it finished with the departure of Scott Niedermayer.

Okay, I know, Brian Rolston and Bobby Holik don’t play defense, and those were three defensemen I just listed above. The point I am aiming for is the fact that the Devils need more veteran leadership in the locker room, and on the ice.