Devils Fans Dirty Secret: Letters to Management Work!

No, I’m not saying sending letters to Lou about a trade he made will cause him to reconsider. If you attended a game recently via the Newark Broad Street Station, you will notice that the shuttle mysteriously disappeared to the arena. Instead, confused fans (myself included) tried to board random NJ Transit busses hoping they stopped at the Prudential Center. This was not a good situation.

I was angry about this for two reasons. One, I had some friends with me who had never attended a Devils game at the new arena, and I spent the entire train ride tooting the Devils horn about how great, easy, and convenient they made getting to games – and made it a point to mention the free shuttle to get down to the arena from the station. Secondly, the delays in getting to the arena since everyone was confused about boarding a bus, and the fact that the bus made a half dozen stops prior to the arena, caused my group of friends and I to miss the opening ceremonies and the first faceoff of the season.

So, I did something I normally wouldn’t do: I wrote a letter to their management department. I don’t think I was stupid about it, and basically asked them to reconsider as I felt this was really hurting the ease of mass transportation as a valid option to get to the arena when you take a train line that must stop at Newark Broad Street.

And guess what? I got a response!

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your e-mail. First, we apologize for the confusion regarding the shuttle. You will be happy to hear that we have re-instated the service with mini-buses operated by Country Club for all future Devils games.

We appreciate your interest, comments, and support of the New Jersey Devils.

Best regards,

Christopher Modrzynski
Sr. EVP/Chief Operating Officer

I am certain I was not the only one to contact the Devils about this. In fact, I know Tom Gulitti over at the Fire & Ice blog (, who probably has a little more clout when it comes to letters to the management department, also questioned this decision.

In any event, they are back. Apparently they cut them off when they felt they weren’t really being used by fans. This occurred during the pre-season. I guess I can’t complain too much as the Devils did make the right call and brought them back starting on Wednesday’s game against Dallas.

Thank you, from a fan that will use this service every time they go to game!