Martin to Miss Detroit Trip; Attendance Woes from a Fan

As I reported last night, Paul Martin would only see ice time on Saturday if he did well in practice today, Friday. He did show up in practice, but left after 15 minutes or so. He is still complaining of “upper body soreness” which is most likely a pulled or strained muscle which needs time to mend. Rich Chere reported that Paul Martin did not travel with the team up to Detroit and Tom Gulitti also mentions that Martin is most likely going to be out Sunday as well when the Devils return home, unless he feels “great tomorrow.” Paul Martin continued, “I’m hoping for Wednesday, but you never say never about Sunday.”

The Devils will be at Detroit Saturday night, then return home Sunday to take on the Edmonton Oilers, and then have a few days off until they host the New York Rangers on Wednesday.

In an unrelated note, an old discussion has reappeared under the comments of the aforementioned Rich Chere article about attendance at the games.

Most Devils fans despise this topic, and I’m no different. I hate this discussion because no good will ever come from it. But nevertheless, I will rehash it once again since – well, I just feel like it. And it’s my site so why not?

Opening night I was able to attend the game and, as I anticipated, it wasn’t a sellout. In fact, the only areas of the arena that you couldn’t find a seat were the second and third tiers. It is painfully obvious that the prohibitively expensive lower tier just will never fill. Your typical Devils fans would rather watch the game on TV than spend $200 for the leather seat luxury.

But here’s the ugly secret: us typical fans were never thought about when they priced those seats. Think of them as luxury box tickets without the amenities of a luxury box. These seats are intended to be for season ticket holders with money – corporations and businesses that have money to buys these seats and give them away to potential customers or employees.

And guess what, the luxury boxes aren’t selling either. Remember how big of a deal getting more luxury boxes was to the Devils owners, and that was one of the driving forces behind getting a new arena? Think about the money they will make with double the luxury boxes!

Hey management – listen up: companies missed the memo that they should want to pay for those things! But oh with the economy the way it is, I guess it’s not very likely.

In any event, another poster comments that the Devils continue to offer deals for seats and tickets, including “family nights” in which the price of food and drinks are included with discounted tickets, and many other nights in which the end second tier seats are half price. Hey, if the Devils are going to continue to do this, I have no issue with that. Do I wish the Devils will lower prices as a whole throughout the entire arena? Of course I do. I want to go to more games and cheaper tickets would help that effort. But I like Doc and Chico and I have no issues cuddling up with my HD TV and watching the games in my living room. But… can’t we do better than Steve Cangialosi?

2 thoughts on “Martin to Miss Detroit Trip; Attendance Woes from a Fan”

  1. I’m a first-time Devs season ticket holder of 4 seats for my family. Looking around the part-empty stadium on game nights and reading how the Devs are discounting seats now, I’m feeling really hard done by. I feel that the management should be giving season ticket holders free seat upgrades to get season ticket holders into the best seats *every night* and filling up the lower levels. For example – those in the lower seats should be offered a switch to the black seats, and those upstairs should be offered lower ends seats, etc. For those who have already bought season tickets in the black seats, then think of other creative ways to repay their loyalty – for example, attending a private team dinner, or an Xmas party at the Rock, a 1-1 session with a player, getting a player to come to a local ice rink for a kids party, etc.

    The Devils management should be looking after its season ticket holders and giving real incentives for us to renew next season. \

    On the wider topic of seat prices, surely they should reduce them by 50% overall. The revenue would come back in the +40% attendance, and in the parking, concessions, merchandise and the wider hockey interest in New Jersey. C’mon guys – be creative and entrepreneurial and let’s get this stadium full.

  2. On a whole, the Devils have never truly had good PR. They continue to overprice, undersell and hardly advertise; they just make you scratch your head and wonder “what were they thinking?”

    This season I have seen things a little better, but you may have a hard time selling the idea of free seat upgrades. The idea of incentives to those who already have those seats is a good idea, but not something Devils management would find realistic.

    That, plus people may say they would never buy those seats since they get free upgrades, and then what would be the point of anyone paying $200 for them?

    Unfortunately I also don’t see them lowering prices… the only hope would be with the state of the economy keeping people from spending may force this, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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