Support in the Tough Times

I got a warm fuzzy feeling Wednesday when I was watching the Devils game on TV. Devils fans know that anything less than a Stanley Cup is simply unacceptable. That plus Brodeur nearing an NHL record means our team must play at its peak or there will be hell to pay.

But with Brodeur being out for 3 to 4 months and our top veterans and important players taking positions in the infirmary and not the ice means there are going to be hard times ahead.

Yet on Wednesday night when the Devils struggled to get the win against Tampa Bay, fans cheered on Kevin Weekes as he made some pretty significant stops. Look at two of the Lightning goals and notice Weekes actually got a piece of the puck but it managed to go past. One could say that “those were shot Brodeur could have gotten.” But nevertheless, when Weekes made the important saves, fans cried out “Weeeeekes.”

This is a very important step for Devils fans. We want the best and nothing less. We want to be first, and no further down. And most importantly, we want to beat the Rangers, in front of Rangers fans across the entire tri-state area. And yet our team is faced with significant adversity right now. The deck is stacked against us, and we stood by our team.

And what do we have to show for it? A win on Wednesday night. If you were stuck staring at Jamie Langenbrunner after he made the shootout winning goal against Lightning net minder Mike Smith, Kevin Weekes was busy celebrating down at the other end, looking like a goalie whose last win was nearly a year ago.

That’s correct; Kevin Weekes last win was on November 12, 2007 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now let’s keep in mind he only played three times after that. But nevertheless, getting this win was a big thing to him, especially since now he will be the Devils # 1 in net, with Scott Clemmensen running as # 2.

Kevin Weekes is well known for his banter and support of the team as he spends most of the 82 game season sitting on the bench. But now it is the team and the fans turn to support him as he will be the number one.

Wins are not going to be easy, especially if players continue to get injured with the frequency at present. But if we continue to support the team in the bad games as well as the good, it will show the team we are going to stick by them and not jump ship when things get a little tough. And after all, isn’t that what being a devoted fan is all about?

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