Another New Old Devil, Devils have One Too Many

I would like to quickly first announce you are the proud reader of our very own Post 100.  It probably took too long to reach this point since our inception back on April 6, 2007, but nevertheless I’m happy we’re here and hope to get to 200 much quicker! 🙂

On to the headlines:

Brendan Shanahan has been signed by the Devils to join the growing list of former Devils to dawn the red, white and black once again.

Well in fairness to Brendan, I’m pretty sure he only wore red, white and green.

Nevertheless, the Devils find themselves with 13 forwards and 12 spots to fill.  Don’t expect anyone to disappear any time soon, but someone must be a healthy scratch.

Nothing official has been discussed by Devils coach Brent Sutter, but the most likely candidates are Jay Pandolfo and Mike Rupp.

Both players sit on the fourth line and have not been too productive this season, but that’s what you typically find with fourth line guys.

Jay Pandolfo has a much more decorated history with the Devils, but finds himself with only four goals and five assists.  Mike Rupp has missed a couple of games this season giving way to some alternate players, but has only three goals and three assists.  Jay Pandolfo is typically used as a top penalty killer, where as Mike Rupp is used for his grittier play.

Brent Sutter has made numerous mentions that he sees no room for a checking line, hence Jay Pandolfo’s presence on the fourth line.  This would indicate that Rupp might be the one to hit the road, making the fourth line Pandolfo, Shanahan, and Holik.  That line sounds more plausible than Rupp, Shanahan and Holik, but it’s not completely out of the question.

When is all this to take place?  Well unless something drastic occurs within the next few hours, Shanahan is anticipated to dress tonight against the Nashville Predators, the last game in the Devils six game away stretch.

What can we expect?  Well we know from past experience that you can’t expect too much right away from someone who has sat out for a great number of games.  In this case, Shanahan has practiced on his own and with the Devils for a little over a week.  But you can’t simply start pulling random Devils to fit Shanahan in to place.

It would seem only logical that Pandolfo is more valuable to the Devils than Rupp, but Sergei Brylin found himself out of a job when this season started, meaning longevity may not play a role when Sutter plans for tonight’s roster.

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