Quickie – Devils Take Win Away from Penguins

I will be posting a more in-depth review of this game as an “In the Stands” article, but I pretty much just got home off the train and I am very tired at the moment…

Friday night the Devils took on the Penguins at the Prudential Center in a game that started with honoring Mike “Doc” Emrick, the Devils play-by-play announcer in to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I had the honor of meeting “Doc” prior to the game – more about that in my next post.

As for the hockey, the Devils started out on their heals, not playing very well initially, yet the Devils prevented the Penguins from getting many shots on goal.  The problem: the few shots on goals gave the Penguins an early 2-0 lead.

When the Devils did manage to score, the Penguins scored again to make it 3-1.

It didn’t look like the Devils outplayed the Penguins, but when looking at the shot total, I wondered what game I attended.  In actuality, the Devils did spend an awful lot of time in the Pittsburgh end, but the chances the Penguins got were on target and tough to handle nearly every time.

The Devils were continuing to put pressure and eventually Pittsburgh was unable to keep the Devils from making strong scoring chances.  They were within one goal late in the third; a very similar situation like they were the previous night against the Boston Bruins.  A late goal by Jamie Langenbrunner tied up the game and brought the two teams in to overtime.

Jamie scored again in Overtime to win the game for the Devils, making this the third game in which he scored two goals, the third game in which he scored the game winning goal, and the second game in which he scored the OT winning goal.

I will be posting more reaction to the contest, some insight from section 213, a handful of pictures from the contest, and take a look in to the Devils 8 game winning streak that has them in second place in the Eastern Conference, and beginning to separate themselves from the rest of the teams.

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