Devils, Game 7, Pray

It’s a little unfortunate.  We are in Round 1 and fighting to survive yet again.  But something feels different.  It’s… optimism?  Hope?  Change?

No wait, that’s politics.


So what’s different here?  Why do I have this funny feeling – almost giddy – about a round 1 game 7?

It’s because the Devils have a chance to not only get past round 1, they have from what I’ve seen all season long a great team.  They were unstoppable at one point, at an extreme high.  But like most highs, the fall is great.

They seemed to drop off just weeks before the season ended and fear struck every Devils fan in the state.


But here’s the funny thing about sports: the Devils could win tonight and regain that high – that feeling of invincibility – and push through the playoffs in spectacular fashion.


And so I sit here in front of my laptop with this positive feeling in my gut that the Devils are going to push past the ‘Canes and enter Round 2.

If you happen to be going to the game, heed the advice from a fellow Devils blogger and be loud, be supportive, and most of all, bring everything you have and give it your all.  I’ll will be screaming in front of my TV and cheering with you, just many miles away.


As for the Devils, lets go guys.  Brent Sutter said you played like there is a tomorrow in Game 6.  Well now there isn’t one.  You need to get pumped up and give it your all.  Play hard, physical, smart, and attentive hockey.  Give it your all.  Because Carolina is going to be doing the same thing and they won’t sit back and watch you bring it to them.  You can bet they will be pushing just as hard and you can’t let that get to you.


Pray – that this is not the last time I get to say this this season…

Lets Go Devils!!

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