Langenbrunner To Sit With Injury

The reports are in – Jamie Langenbrunner has one of those dreaded "lower body injuries."  This ranges from a hangnail off of his pinkie toe to a pulled groin, for those of you who are not "hockey vocabulary" smart.

First, to explain this terminology for those of you not in the fold, here’s the logic behind two types of hockey injury classifications – lower and upper body.  Once upon a time a player would hurt his knee.  The team would announce that "John Doe has hurt his knee and will be out for two weeks."  Knowing that, opponents would keep this in mind so the next time Mr. Doe plays, his knee might not be 100% and that it would be a shame if someone where to hit said knee area with a stick.

Needless to say, NHL teams are now permitted to be vague with injury descriptions which leaves us out of the loop.

Nevertheless, the media gurus have announce that he will be sitting out for the next two games.  This was based on Devils general Lou Lamoriello saying Jamie would not be joining the Devils on their trip to the Carolina Hurricane Shelter.

To be frank, it looks worse than a two game injury.  I’m in no way an expert on these things, but don’t expect to see Jamie until April 26.  If he tweaked his groin muscle, he’ll need to rest more than 5 days before they will clear him on the ice.  Even with a pulled leg muscle or something to that effect, would they risk him causing further injury by playing as soon as four days from now?  Most likely not.

What is probably more likely is they are going to weigh his injury with the Devils status.  If they are playing well, he can rest a little while longer.  If they are on the brink of elimination, they may put him in and hope for the best as soon as Thursday when the Devils and ‘Canes return to the Rock.

Regardless of what they do, top linemates like Zach Parise and Travis Zajac are going to need to work extra hard to welcome temporary fill-in Brian Rolston to the line.  I think the line shows promise, though.  Think of the shot Brian Rolston has the rebound potential – with Zach planted around the crease, he may either a) get pelted in the head with a shot and be knocked unconscious or b) find a juicy rebound and get some goals out of it.

Lets pray for the latter.

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