Remember The Fallen: Weekes, Langenbrunner, and Salvador

We’ll start with the first casualty of the post-season, Kevin Weekes.  Tom Gulitti reports in the Fire & Ice blog that Kevin Weekes is out indefinitely.  Although no official word has come of when Kevin will return to the bench, he travelled up to Toronto to take part in "cutting edge" rehabilitation which will "accelerate [his] recovery by 70 percent."

"I just told Lou that, ‘If I want to have any chance of being back any time soon, if there is anybody that is going to accelerate that healing curve, it’s going to be Dr. Galea,’" Weekes said in an interview in In Goal Magazine.


Next we have the captain Jamie Langenbrunner.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, the odds of Jamie playing on Thursday were very slim, based on the way Langenbrunner injured himself and skated off of the ice.  This was not a simple snap and heal, but a pull of some kind that will need time to rest.  Not something you typically get in the playoffs.

Colin Stephenson over at the Star Ledger confirmed the thoughts I had when Wednesday he posted that he passed Jamie in the corridor outside the main locker room.

I asked him if he would be attending the media availability session that was scheduled for about a half-hour later and he said, "You won’t see me!”

So I asked if I would see him tomorrow, for Game 5.

"Probably not,” he said.

Brent Sutter seemed to feel the need not to spread the good news to the media, stating "Who knows?  I don’t know what to say, because I’m not sure myself.”


Lastly, lest we forget our fallen fellow from Game 4… you remember game 4 – the one with the goal that was scored with only 0.2 seconds left of the clock?  Bryce Salvador went down in front of the net when Carolina Chad Larose landed on Bryce’s leg.  The incident occured in the last minutes of the second period, forcing 5 defensemen to play the remainder of the game.

Despite his optimism, Salvador appears to also be a scratch for tomorrow.  Like Langenbrunner, coach Sutter would not clue in whether or not Salvador is a definite no.  But Andrew Greene is preparing and has been practicing with the team.  Sutter did admit Greene is ready to fill the spot.

"I thought our five defensemen played extremely well. I thought the five of them handled it very well. And Greenie will come in and we won’t miss a beat."

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