Last Thoughts Before Off-Season Gets Underway

There are still some topics from the previous year that I want to discuss, but I want to wait a few more days before I dive into those topics so I don’t let my depression, anger, and frustration get in the way.

In the interim, I want to first thank everyone for their continued support and patronage to and its network. This season began the first full season in which we operated four different sites all devoted to the New Jersey Devils. These sites each have their own focus, but I am working on integrating aspects of each with each other.

Obviously there is still a lot of work to do.

But nevertheless, you, my fellow fans, have been extremely patient and, for reasons that remain beyond me, continue to return and give the network your attention.

For that I am forever grateful. The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site, more affectionately known today as, was a project I started back in 1998 and it has exploded to be one of the most popular Devils fan site on the internet. A lot has happened during its history. I’ve been a guest on internet hockey talk shows, mentioned in the Star Ledger, and even had official giveaways for Stanley Cup Championship DVDs.

All of this is because of one thing: you guys keep coming back and enjoying what my site has to offer.

With that said, I invite you to continue to read on to see what my plans are for the off-season, how much can realistically get done, and the future dreams I have of what can be done with this collection of sites I have developed.

Before I dive in to that, I must thank you again for your patience, cooperation, patronage, and support for the past 11 years. I look forward to starting the fight all over again in October for the 2009-10 season and I hope to see you here for the off-season and the new season that will follow.

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