At Newark Airport and a certain Goalie walks by… (update)

So Wife had a good idea to stand by the Arrivals and Departures board – right next to the bar where Brodeur was sitting with an unidentified man carrying a bag with a Devils logo on it.

As we are standing by the sign pointing out random things wasting time, a woman comes up to us and asks if we see what gate the flight to Quebec is at. Keep in mind, the list is in alphabetical order. But I point it out to her.

As I’m doing this, Brodeur quickly walks on by to get in to the first class line. I wasn’t about to pull him out of line to get a picture, though.

An interesting side note to this, though. No one knew who he was. No one went up to him, no one was pointing – just me and Wife. Guess hockey isn’t as popular as I like to think it is.

Wife was really upset we missed him walking by, but I figure there will be a chance in the future to meet him I’m, sure.

I need to close up my netbook now as we are about to board – finally – after our mishap. Interesting, though, how this unfortunate circumstance led to almost meeting my favorite Devil!

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