At Newark Airport and a certain Goalie walks by…

So this is a little odd and I’m not sure how to react. I’m sitting at Newark airport (yes, right now). My wife and I are awaiting a flight to Minneapolis. We were delayed, then bumped to another airline, then delayed a second time. We were supposed to depart at 6 and now we are waiting until 9:30 to board a plane.

Anywho, Wife pokes my arm and says to me “Who does that person look like?” I look up and sure enough, I say “Brodeur…”

But it can’t be him… right? Well we keep an eye on him and he’s walking with someone carrying a bag. The guy turns and sure enough there is a giant Devils logo on the bag.

Across from our gate, sure enough, is a gate for Montreal. Must be taking a trip home!

I’ll post more if I get to talk to him, but I just hate being “that obnoxious fan.”

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