Welcome Back Scotty

Surprisingly missing on the official Devils website, but thankfully posted by the Star Ledger, Scott Stevens will be making himself seen this season with a larger roll of an assistant coach – sort of.

According to the article, expect to see Scott Stevens appearing on the bench during all home games.  He is also slated to make a presence in Lowell to teach the "kids" how to play solid Defense, and there are rumors he may been seen for a handful of away games, but Scott has denied that was discussed.

Fact is, Scott Stevens will be joining the coaching staff a lot more this season then ever before, and it is a welcome sight.

"We’ve had wonderful regular seasons, and that’s important and nice, but we have to get the right mentality when it comes to the playoffs," Stevens told me Monday. "That’s where it counts and that’s where we’re having a little trouble."

Interestingly, Lou Lamoriello had stated during the interview that he is confident the Devils are a team capable of scoring goals, they simply lack that defensive edge that has been missing since Stevens left.



I am leaving some extra space above to read as a sigh of relief.  For a moment I thought Lou didn’t see it.

Nevertheless, the Devils need to make sure that not only is there defense up to snuff but also to take a look at goaltending – I mean seriously take a look at it.

I am not going to name names, but we must face the fact that Martin Brodeur, in all his awesomeness (happy Matt?) is not able to handle 80 out of 82 games during the course of a season.  Looking back on last season, Brodeur came out swinging when he returned, but certainly looked fatigued – letting up some soft goals – and in turn lost in the last few seconds of game seven in their battle against Carolina.

I am not insinuating the failure during the playoffs was Brodeur’s fault, but simply stating that it was a collaborative loss, and Brodeur was certainly part of it.


That’s it for last season talk.  Any new details on the return of Scott Stevens will be posted.  Now if only we can get him to lace up those skates again… Oh well, a fan can dream, eh?

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