Devils Dysfunction Continues At Home

I won’t lie, I didn’t catch the whole game.  But from what I have seen, they just are not able to muster anything at home.  They are unbeaten away, but home now they sit at 4 losses and 1 win.

Why is the Prudential Center the worst place for them to play?

It’s just a mental thing.  They come in now with the anticipation of loosing.  You can’t deny the fact that yes, they have had some tough opponents at home to start the season.  But there was very few times in tonight’s game that the Devils looked like they were putting up much of a challenge.

Defensively the Devils were without Paul Martin, easily the Devils number 1 defenseman.  They are also missing Jay Pandolfo

But fact is, they still cannot win at home.  Devils coach Jacques Lemaire doesn’t want the fact that they simply play much better away to get into the players head simply because he doesn’t want them to focus on that from now on.  I think it’s too late.


The Devils need to clean up their play in front of Martin Brodeur.  Martin’s absence cannot mean the end of defense, and based on the fact that Martin was present in the other 3 home losses means that he is not the reason for tonight’s bad game.


I’m not going to dwell on this further.  The Devils will be playing away tomorrow – it is rumored the backup netminder Yann Dannis could take the ice tomorrow, but that would go against what Jacques wanted to do – he was hoping to sure of the Devils defense before he put Dannis in net.  That may not be something that occurs anytime this season, so Jacques may need to break that promise.

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