Someone forgot to tell the Devils that game counts…

There are truly about 5 different ways I can start this post:

  • The Devils started the way they finished last year.
  • The Devils have some off-season rust they need to clean up.
  • Aren’t you glad we got rid of Shanny because that solved the problem with our team!
  • This is what all of you who hated Madden and Gionta get for claiming they need to go.

But the winner is this:

  • For those of you who are worried the Devils are going to return to their lock down defensive minded mind-numbingly boring games under coach Jacques Lemaire can rest easy.  As evident last night, we have no defense whatsoever.

I know, it’s not fair to judge them based on one game, and I know, I shouldn’t press the panic button, and I know, Brodeur just had an off night, and I know, the team’s complexion is a lot different now then it was and they haven’t fully gelled yet.


But lets face facts here people, that game was awful.  Seriously, it may have been one of the worst I have ever attended, and I have attended a lot of games.  After the first 15 minutes or so, if not less, the Devils stopped playing.

As evident by the booing at the end of the second period.

As evident by the eerie quietness in the concourse after the game.

As evident by the sarcastic clapping when Brodeur made a save.

As evident by the lack of celebration after the Devils scored either of both of their goals.


Come on, this was opening night, the fans came in energetic, we were playing one of our Atlantic Division rivals, Brodeur was making his 1,000 career start, and we were celebrating the 2008-09 Atlantic Division title – not to mention the festivities outside of the arena at the new Championship Plaza.

The early excitement, however, was quickly diminished after the first period horn sounded.

In moral victory notes, Rob Niedermayer looked like a good addition to the team, Jamie Langenbrunner seemed to keep things together, and Dainius Zubrus assisted on both goals the Devils scored.


Okay, 1 down, 81 to go.  Not the end of the world, I know, but gosh that game really did suck.


Some other noted from section 128:

  • Yet again the Devils are trying to eliminate the free shuttle from the Newark Broad Street station to the arena.  We ask that anyone interested to please e-mail Devils Management at or Devils Public Relations at
  • It’s good to see that in an off-season not much has changed.  The Devils Power Play still needs life support to be effective and the top two tiers of the arena are packed to the brim while the bottom tier, those $250 leather and logo embroidered seats, and not even half full.  Nevertheless, the game was a sellout – the missing people most likely season ticket holders not interested in going to opening night.
  • The Devils didn’t seem to recognize the fact that they were Division champions last year.  Not sure why, but at the very least, they normally shine a spotlight on the banner and there’s clapping involved.
  • It’s good to hear the "Hey" song again, even if it’s a hopeless goal that’s scored.
  • I think I like the new pricing of the arena this year. $79 gets you in the corners of the lower tier and $56 gets you in the corners in the upper tier.  If you don’t mind heights, $35 gets you in the third tier anywhere with the exception of the corners, which are $10 tickets only sold just before the game starts.

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