Devilish Slump

Rumors of my death are quite exaggerated.  I apologize for lack of updates, but at the moment I am trying to put my computer back together after taking it apart piece by piece.  Hard drives – never rule out the hard drive.

In Devils news, they’ve been playing poorly lately.  Perfect time to begin blogging again.  I should really think about praising the team when things are going well.

We can’t point at a million different thing, goalie fatigue is a big topic these days.  But here’s the dirty little secret: I don’t care if Brodeur let in 3 goals or 30 goals.  If the Devils don’t score, there isn’t a chance they will win.  Martin Brodeur’s play isn’t what it was a month or so ago, but that may also have something to do with the fact that his teammates had the puck more often at that time as well.

It sometime surprises me how key a key player is.  We talk about depth and how important it is – and how great the Devils are atop the NHL standings with all their "depth," and then I turn around and the Devils seem one dimensional.

Did I loose my 3D glasses at the movies last week? What happened here?

Chico last night pointed to all the injuries and how the team wasn’t "meshing" well at the moment, but this doesn’t appear to be that much worse then earlier in the season.

I have my own theory, of course: I’m to blame.  I went to opening night and the team stunk.  The game stunk.  It was by far the worst opening night I’ve ever been to.  Then, after a few weeks, things began to pick up.  Now it’s November and things are turning out very well.  All of a sudden, things begin to decline near the end of December, right when I get a couple of pairs of hockey tickets.  Low and behold, I go to a game last Friday, and they stink!

Okay, so last Friday against Montreal wasn’t all that bad, but I’m starting to think I’m cursed.  My next game is the one in March when they are wearing the Red, White and Green jersey’s.  If I were a betting man, I’d bet against them since I’ll be in attendance.

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