Devils Blank Thrashers, Brodeur Takes Win 600

We all knew a 600th win was in Brodeur’s future, although some may not have believed that it would come this season.  It did, in the form of his 110th shutout Tuesday night against the Atlanta Thrashers.

In my ongoing series of praising the Devils when they win, the Devils played hard and deserved this win for their efforts.  While I may think that this win cannot be held too high because of the position this team is in, the Thrashers played a very tough and very determined game since the two points they did not receive now place them out of a playoff spot permanently for this season.

Atlanta did not make this win look easy.  The entire team worked hard at limiting the Thrasher’s chances, and Brodeur was able to stop the one’s that got through.  That key in itself is what makes this win so important.  A collective team effort put into making this win.

In addition, the Devils have seven goals scored in the past two games.  Not a bad figure, especially for a team that has had some difficulty in finding the back of the net.  While the teams are not the best to be gloating over, this can at the very least build confidence, something else that the Devils forwards can certainly use.

While the West knows who is in the playoffs, the East still has three open spots at the bottom.  The win gives the Devils a little more breathing room between them and Pittsburgh for second spot in the East, but only two points and both teams have three games to play.

The bottom teams in contention are the Canadiens, the Flyers, the Bruins and the Rangers, with 87, 86, 85 and 84 points respectively.  Every team mentioned has two games left to play, with the exception of Boston who will play their third to last game tomorrow.

The Devils are also playing their third to last game tomorrow (Thursday) against the Florida Panthers.  The Panthers sit comfortably out of playoff position with a 13th place spot in the standings.

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