Devils Prep for Atlanta, Media Preps for Langengate

Alright folks, lets just chill for a moment.  Everyone seems to be getting bent out of shape on the whole Lanegnbrunner scratch topic.  Is he hurt? Was he benched? Did he break a nail??


First, Lou Lamoriello has had a gag-order on all players included in their contracts.  No big surprise here, guys: he’s not speaking to the media about it.  So what else is new?

Second, Langenbrunner might be a little ticked that he was scratched so he could rest.  Maybe he thought he didn’t need rest?  Typically players thrive on playing, and when they’re taken out of the lineup, even with good intentions, they get a little frustrated.

Third, maybe coach Jacques really just wanted to rest him because he thought his play would benefit the rest coming down the final stretch and he saw the team could perform well without him in the lineup one night.  No offense, but should a team be deep enough to sustain his absence a single night?

Okay, ranting over.


As we inch closer to the off-season (not saying it’s coming too soon, but hey, if recent history is any indication…), swirls of Kovalchuk’s contract status seems to be popping up in the news as well.

An interesting prospect.  To be honest, I don’t feel the Devils have seen his best.  I think his style – you know, good offensive play – didn’t exactly mesh with the Devils style –  not so good offensive play.

No disrespect to Zach Parise and the gang, but the Devils aren’t exactly known for scoring goals.  They currently sit 25th in the league in “Goals For.”

In any event, I would like to see his performance in the playoffs and see how much he adds to the Devils there.  I can certainly see him being an asset, and he can see the Devils are consistently good year after year with a competitive team that enters the playoffs at the top of their division every season – a reason why he wouldn’t take a long term deal with Atlanta.

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