Hey… How About Them Devils…

So I’ve been absent a lot recently.  I apologize, but things – like work – sometimes make it difficult to keep sites like this updated.  I am actually looking forward to the offseason, as I’m finding this season a little frustrating at the moment.

We have a good team.  The pieces are there.  We have scorers, defense, and an all-star goalie who has his ups and downs.

Lately, the Power Play doesn’t click, the forwards don’t score, the defense has been tipping pucks into our own net, and our goalie needs a little WD-40.


I know I shouldn’t complain too much – I mean with six games left we’re one point out of the division lead, one point behind Sid Crybaby and the Pittsburgh Penguins that is.

But the Devils need to pull out of this funk they’ve found themselves in for the past 3 months and put this together.  Are we looking at coaching as being the weak piece?  I know Marty hasn’t been playing his best hockey lately, but still we need more goals.

Well tonight we play against the Chicago Blackhawks, with another game against Carolina (meh) tomorrow.  The following week we’ll see Atlanta, Florida, and the Islanders, and then finish the regular season against the Buffalo Sabres.

It’s not a terrible schedule to conclude the season, but I really dislike these back to back games.

More later (hopefully) after tonight’s game.

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