Standings Shuffle Continue

The only thing certain right now is that the Capitals, Devils, Sabres and Penguins will be playing either the Bruins, Senators, Canadians, Flyers or the Rangers.  So last night did not determine anything except that the Rangers are still in it and the Flyers may not be for much longer.

There are two days left in the season, today and tomorrow, and we still have no clue who we’re playing against.

Both the Devils and Penguins have two games left to play, and they are tied at 99 points a piece.  If they end tied, the Devils do hold the tiebreaker advantages and will be seated second or third, depending on the outcome of the Buffalo Sabres last two games – who currently sit third.

The only position that is certain, the only team that has a spot locked, is the Ottawa Senators.  They are stuck in fifth, with no chance of moving up or down in the standings regardless of what they or any other team does.

That leaves Boston, Montreal, Philly, and the Rangers left to duke it out for the remaining three spots.  It’s hockey’s version of musical chairs.  Each team has one game left with the exception of Boston, which has two.

There are a few conditions that must be met at this point in order for the Rangers to get in, but they might just do it.

  • If they win on Sunday against the Flyers, whether in regulation or in overtime, their in.  They will end with 88 points and Philly will have 87.
  • If they lose in overtime and Boston loses both of their game, their in.  At that point Boston and the Rangers would be tied at 87 points, and the Rangers hold the tiebreaker advantages to be placed ahead of them.

There’s probably a few more scenarios that will make the Rangers get in, but it involves farm animals and it actually raining inside MSG, so chances are they won’t happen.

So what does this all mean? It means we have no idea who we’re going to be playing next Wednesday when the playoffs start.

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