Struggles Continue against Chicago

First, I’d like to thank Mike Mottau for proving my point in the previous post and getting the game tying goal for the Chicago Blackhawks. No no, he still plays for the Devils, but in the final  seconds of the third period, with the Devils up 1-0 (because we can’t score more than one goal a game – that’s not allowed anymore), Mike used his skate to angle the puck in past Martin Brodeur.  If it hadn’t been for that, the puck would have hit Brodeur’s right pad on the ice, and the Devils would have won.

Instead, this game got us past the overtime period and into the shootout.  Did I mention we’ve been sucking at that too lately?

Tomorrow they’ll be heading out to Carolina to see the Hurricanes for the fourth and final time this season and – barring a miracle – this year until next fall.  The Devils have won each of the previous three matchups.

In the past eight games, the Devils have won twice, lost twice in regulation, and lost four times after regulation.  Not exactly a strong finish before the playoffs begin.  With five games left, we can only hope they step it up now or very soon with the playoffs only a week and a half away.

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