Kovi Kerfuffle

Call it what you want, Kovi-Gate, Kontract Katastrophie, Kovi Kerfuffle (the latter the one I prefer the most – hence winning top honors as this post’s title).  Fact is Devils are stretching the intended purpose of the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement’s Salary Cap.

Go Devils!

That’s right.  I’m rooting for the Devils, and it’s not because I’m a Mets fan whose lost all hope of having something better to root for during the summer.  It’s because I’m tired of the NHL coming up with bad rules and ideas to “improve” the game.

I’m putting you on notice, NHL.  You irked me with the point for an OT Loss – it’s a loss; in the words of Willie Wonka, “You get – Nothing!”  You made me angry with the Anti Brodeur Act (aka, the Trapezoid).  And all the while, fans around the NHL have ganged up on us for “ruining the NHL.”

Well I’m sick and tired.  Lou found out that the CBA has little wording, if any, about front loading a contract to the extent that they did with Kovalchuk.  There is nothing that clearly defines that what the Devils has done is illegal in the eyes of the NHL.

Maybe I’ll give you a point for bringing this into Overtime, but once you figure out who’s playing arbitrator, you’ll only come away with a single point. Ha!

I am in no way a fan of Kovi at this point.  The treatment he’s getting from the Devils is a little too Crosby-esk for my taste, but I won’t lie that I’m hoping this improves the Devils standing in the “new NHL” we are in.  We need some help on offense.  I love you Zach, but one man does not a offensive threat make.

We need more of a threat on offense, and more help defensively as well.  I’ll save behind the blue-line for another post.  But this is what the Devils need to do to become more competitive and – if we’re lucky – make it past the first round of the playoffs.