Devils Still Looking For First Home Win, Bested By Buffalo

No need to bring out the shiny red panic button.  No need to worry about the end result of where this season is going.  No need to fear making the playoffs.

Fear winning a single game at home.  Fear not having a single two game win streak at all so far this season. Fear the possible worst season in Devils history.

Oh, and fear spending $100 million for a player who can’t keep the puck on his stick.


I think I’m beyond anger over the performance of the Devils.  In truth, I don’t think I ever was angry, more just perplexed.  How many years did the Rangers have off seasons?  And we just sat back and laughed at them.  Guess what guys, it’s upon us this season.


I am constantly being asked, “What’s going wrong?” and to that I can only respond that it’s a lack of nothing going right.  Between injuries and that lack of goal scoring, it’s no wonder the Devils sit last in the NHL.  They are technically “tied” for the last spot in the league, but their winning percentage is the lowest since they have played more games than any of the other last place teams.

They have the fewest goals scored in the league, and yet they play a top scorer in the NHL every night.  Ilya Kovalchuk, who flexed scoring talent when first signed at the end of last season, can’t seem to get a shot on net these days.  Not to mention anyone else who has some form of scoring ability seems to be injured or playing at a sub-par level.


You can’t win hockey games without scoring, and that’s the what the Devils must focus on.

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