The Mess Of The New Jersey Devils

I haven’t posted much this holiday season – not because I’ve been busy shopping for presents. In fact just the opposite since I did 90% of my shopping online. It’s because there’s nothing. There’s nothing left to the Devils.

The scoring is not there. The defense is not there. The goaltending is not there. The coaching is not there. The Devils are on pace to getting 53 points this season. In 33 games the Devils have only made 20 points out of a possible 66.

I suppose the silver lining is a good draft pick for the Devils next year. The post game commentary included a line that I agree with – they have too many slower older players with multi-year contracts that are eating the Devils right now. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be too much of an issue except that the deal with Kovalchuk is eating remaining cap space that the Devils really can’t afford. They have no wiggle room.

They need to dump coach John MacLean. It’s unfortunate but this just isn’t working out. I can’t put the entire weight of the Devils woes on him, but he definitely cannot escape blameless in this debacle.

Brodeur works best with a solid defense in front of him (obviously true of any goalie) but the Devils are not in the “good defense” position right now. And Brodeur is aging. I’m not saying he’s done, but he’s not going to be able to carry this team by any stretch of the imagination.

Big changes are coming. The Devils we see today will not be the same Devils we see in 2011. How far in to 2011 is still up in the air. While the Devils are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs (yeah – actually a concern for the Devils in December) they need a complete turnaround from where they currently are and go on long record breaking winning streaks.

I’m not going to continue to complain about what it is the Devils need to change about themselves. We all know how bad the situation is at the moment. The Devils have been praised as one of the most competitive teams in the past 15 years. This year is not one of those years, and it may take a few years to recover. Fact of the matter is the Devils made a quick trip to the bottom of the barrel. They have a bright future ahead of them, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and it’s not something to expect by next season.

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