A Rant for Waverers

To be honest, I’m a little tired of the emotional roller coaster the Devils have put us fans through. We sat through 41 games of sheer horribleness. It was perhaps the worst slump of a competitive team in the history of all sports has ever gone through.

But then I read comments out there (of course not at DevilSphereDevilSphere.com because no one ever posts there!) and people are, as expected, jumping ship. “That’s it, the season’s over.” “It was nice while it lasted.” “I’m done with this team.”

And then I realize, guys, we are fans for a reason. Something out there compels us to support the Devils… uh, that’s the New Jersey Devils – just to be clear. Like it or not, watching your team through good times and bad is part of the deal. It’s a lot like marriage, when you think about it. When your team struggles, don’t just turn off the TV or walk out of the arena, you sit there and support them (support does include offering coaching advice from the couch or stands quite a distance away from where the players can actually hear you).

Think about the fortune we have had over the past 15 seasons. Since 1995, we have won 3 Stanley Cups – a feat some teams haven’t experienced even once. And since that time, we have only had a single season where we didn’t make it into the playoffs. Every other season we have made a push not just to get in to the playoffs, but do so by being one of the most competitive franchises in NHL history.

I really don’t think a lot of people get how fortunate we are as fans of the New Jersey Devils. Yes, this season was bad. Yes, they got our hopes up in the second half. And yes, things are looking grim for a playoff run right about now. But guess what? Look at the standings and tell me it is not mathematically possible. Look at the standings and tell me there is no possible way. Look at the standings, and tell me the Devils should just forfeit their remaining 11 games.

I am a fan of the New Jersey Devils, and until the final horn sounds on the final period of the season, I will not stop watching, I will not stop cheering, and I will not stop believing.

Are you a believer?

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