Devils try to Extend Life

The Devils will faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers tonight.  Every matchup is do-or-die for the Devils from this point forward.  They are not mathematically eliminated, but there is no margin for error.  In addition to needing to win every game, Buffalo and/or the Rangers must lose every game – in regulation.  An OTL would give both teams the necessary 88 points needed to prevent the Devils from being able to catch up to them.

To be honest with one’s self, you must realize this is an impossible feat.  But miracels are known to happen…

Perhaps the best way to phrase the situation was from Wife who posted this:

You know you’re a fan when…
You look at the upcoming games around the NHL and get excited that Buffalo and the Rangers aren’t playing tonight. The Rangers also aren’t playing tomorrow.  Buffalo plays against the Captials tomorrow.
And because of that, you still feel that there’s a chance (ever so slightly) that the Devils can actually pull this off. 
However, all of that can end with a Devils loss tonight.

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