I’m Not One of Those Fans

You know the ones I’m talking about (I’m looking at you Steve).  The ones that sit out for the regular season.  They don’t really pay attentions until mid-April, when their team reaches the playoffs and then they talk in your face about how their team is better than yours – and they can’t even make an argument like that because they haven’t paid an ounce of attention to their team for the past 9 months!

Yet updates come few and far between around here.  I promise I’m not one of those fans.  Just… busy.  You see, I have a full time job.  On top of that full time job I have a side business.  And it dawned on me the other day that my side business has it’s own side jobs apart from the side business.

And, while I certainly can’t argue the benefits of home ownership, owning a home is like having another full time job.  By my count, I’m employed like 2.75 times.  That’s the real reason why the unemployment rate has been decreasing – not that unemployed people are getting work, employed people are just getting more work.


Blah blah blah, excuses excuses.  And, oh by the way, did you hear? Devils are in the playoffs!


I will be posting, I promise.  I don’t think anyone really cares at this point.  I’ve pretty much lost all my visitors to legit news organizations.  Although the News Site does relatively well, mostly because it links to content elsewhere on the internet and is automatically updated.


One of these days I will get back in to the swing of this.  I am paring down a little.  I’ve just about completely removed all the references to DevilSphere.  That project is permanently on hold (it was supposed to be a forum, but I don’t think people use those as much these days thanks to the Facebook and the Twitter.  Hey, who here remembers MySpace?!?  Anybody? Hello?


So I’m still here.  I’m still a fan.  I still watched 90% of the games, and went to a few of them at the Rock.  And took some pictures too!  I’m not one of those fans.

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