And then there were Two

I will not gloat about the Eastern Conference Finals Championship. Fact is both the Devils and the Rangers were two teams well matched for each other. And the Rangers made the Devils work hard and pay for their mistakes.

The Rangers have a good team, and a style that is tough to score against (a la games one and three). Unlike many Devils and Rangers fans, I don’t have a strong dislike for the opposition. And I didn’t feel as if one deserved moving on more than the other. But I of course felt that the Devils were capable as long as they continued their level of play. And, for more or less, they did just that.

For my dear Ranger fans, my condolences. The Devils have experienced the shock that you find yourself in just like the Rangers in the locker room are feeling. With one little scramble of the puck, a bounce, and a tap in, everything comes to a halt.

And then there were two…

P.S. For all of you Ranger fans who called the Devils a rookie team… ha. For all of you Ranger fans who point and chant “Maaaaaaartieeeeeeeeeee,” thank you – were quite fond of him too. And for all of you Ranger fans that had a chip on your shoulder feeling entitled to the Stanley Cup, Lord Stanley takes no pity on you. Enjoy the next round of golf.

Oh, and Torts, I think you got in to your players heads just a little to much. Something about you seems arrogant. I feel that may have lead to your eventual demise this post season.