Talks Resume in Secret as Games are Cancelled

As anticipated, the NHL cancelled games from the start of the season, calling it a “postponement” of the season.  I guess that’s a good sign.  But a better sign is that, as the Star Ledger reported, both sides came together for a secret meeting up in Toronto.

An even better sign that that, both sides are looking to get new proposals.  Previously both sides stated that they were awaiting the other side to submit something new.  If you believe in “I go then you go,” the Players Association was the last group to submit  a new proposal to the league, which they quickly turned down.  But the league argued that it was so far out of the ballpark they had to try again.  A do-over, if you will.

The fact that both sides have now asked for new proposals and both sides have agreed, means a compromise could be in the works, as suggested by ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun.  This sounds like what the NHLPA has been looking for all along.

It is anticipated that both sides will have discussions this weekend on a new meeting date for sometime next week to review each other’s new proposal.

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