Hockey Will Return in 2013

Some good news came out of CBA negotiations at 5am this morning – a framework has been agreed upon by both the NHL and the Players Association.  While there is still a lot of work to be done, the preparations are taking place to get ready for the (2012-)2013 season.

In simple terms, both sides have to still sit down and formalize the physical document that is the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Once the document is complete, then the NHL Board of Governors (the owners) and the Players Association need to review it and ratify it before hockey can resume.

While many fans feel that boycotting the games is the thing to do to "make a statement," I for one will not be participating in that.  Quite honestly, I’m just thrilled to have hockey back.  While I blame the owners for this mess this year, me not buying tickets to see them play isn’t going to affect things much.  The season ticket holders in the lower tier owned by most companies will still sell and still be empty during many games.  So the (majority of) fans who sit in the "cheap seats" who are going to make a statement will be a small blip on the Owners’ radar.

In other words, stop trying to make a point that won’t be heard, be happy the game is returning, and go out and support the players and your favorite team.

Oh, and here’s a statistic for you: the Devils have won 100% of the Stanley Cups during shortened seasons.

Open-mouthed smile