About Us

 About DevilBoy

Webmaster and dedicated fan Kyle Bisignani, known as DevilBoy here “At the Red Line” and in many places around the net, started this blog to fill a void in his life. Okay, perhaps “to fill a void in his life” is a dramatic, but fact is he enjoys reporting on the New Jersey Devils and adding his two cents where he can.

During the lockout, however, the site became abandoned.  And a lot was going on, like maintining a house, a demanding job, and now about to start growing a family (with creatures that don’t walk on four legs).

It’s something that I’d like to start up again.  Njdevils.info has been closed for quite some time, and really the concept and purpose it served has really become obsolete.  But I hope to maybe start this back up and post my thoughts and ramblings.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see old visitors return.

Likes: Hockey, Devils, Programming, Jen

Dislikes: Jets and Giants being called “New York” teams, Flyers, Cranky Jen

Favorite Devils Moment: Shouting “Thank you Scotty” in the sellout crowd of the Scott Stevens Banner Raising ceremony, and later meeting Scott Stevens outside the arena and getting a picture with him!

Favorite Devil of All Time: Scott Stevens

Favorite Current Devil: Adam Henrique

About Strawberrie

Hey, I’m Jen, the girlfriend of Kyle. I guess my “title” would be assistant blogger and dedicated fan. Yes, even though my all-time favorite Devil has left the team. We just better keep my two other favorites.

Likes: Teaching, Travelling, Hockey, Summertime, Swimming, Beach, NYC, Reading, trying to speak and read in Spanish, oh yeah and Kyle

Dislikes: The fact that Scott Gomez is on the Rangers. What’s up with that, Lou?

Favorite Devils Moment: Cam Janssen’s first (and only, so far) goal. I was there!!!!! Okay, and meeting the entire 2006-2007 team. 😀

Least Favorite Devils Moment: Look at my dislikes.

Favorite Devil of All Time: In order, Scott Gomez, Cam Janssen, Zach Parise

Favorite Current Devil: As of now, Cam Janssen and Zach Parise

Other Devils I like: Brylin, Martin, Gionta